DQC Announces New President & CEO

DQC announces new President & CEO plus four more stories of the day.

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1. DQC announces new President & CEO. The Data Quality Campaign is excited to introduce their new President and CEO, Jennifer Bell-Ellwanger. Jennifer has worked to improve student outcomes for over 25 years since beginning her career as a kindergarten teacher in Bronx, New York. A lifelong educator with experience at all levels of the education system, Jennifer believes passionately that people deserve data to make sure that every student is not only counted, but counts.

2. Upskilling through Technology. While the education sector is moving towards technology to making learning easier, professionals too are harnessing the power of the 4th revolution to upgrade skills. Learning at own pace, optimizing time, save costs, etc are some reasons why it's gaining popularity. 

3. Building skills outside the classroom with new ways of learning. What differentiates the Mayfield Innovation Center from traditional classrooms is evident not just in the virtual reality technology, the 3-D printers or the open architecture that make the two-floor, 30,000-square-foot building seem less of a secondary school than a Google satellite office. It is also in the words emblazoned on the crimson-colored wall of the Computer-Aided Drafting and Design lab, a quote attributed to Curt Richardson, the founder of OtterBox, which makes consumer electronics accessories: Failure is a part of innovation. Perhaps the most important part.

4. More money for teachers, technology and assessing in Sioux Falls school 2019 budget. The budget allocates $4 million for technology purchases, including Chromebooks for second-graders, a plan approved earlier this month. 

5. Schools offering drone programs, but learning to fly is just the start.  Whether for their potential role in education, entertainment or commercial use, drones (also called unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs) have captured the world’s attention. Global sales have more than tripled from three million in 2014 to an estimated 10 million this year, according to statistics from Business Insider Intelligence, a private research company. Over a third of the purchases are in the United States. Colleges have noted this interest, and an increasing number are offering drone classes. Vaughn started an introductory course and the one on law taught by Ms. Alkalay, who formerly led a regional legal office for the Federal Aviation Administration. Five more classes are being planned.

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